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Re: Gallopavo (was: Re: fruitbats)

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Date:Friday, November 11, 2005, 1:44
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>And how do you say, in your conlang(s), the "chicken-peacock", >known
in English as "the Turkey" (the bird formerly known as "the >Guinea- Fowl"), and in French as "l'Oiseau d'Inde" or "Dindon >Sauvage",and in Spanish as "Guajalote Norten~o"?
>(Scientific name Meleagris gallopavo silvestris or Americana >sybestris auis)
>(Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Subphylum: Vertebrata; >Superclass: Gnathostomata; Class: Aves; Subclass: Neornithes; >Superorder: Neognathae; Order: Galliformes; Family: Phasianidae; >SubFamily: Meleagrididae; Genus: Meleagris; Species: gallopavo; >Subspecies: silvestris)
In reality, the Spanish word for what in English is called a turkey is _pavo_. _Guajalote (norteño)_ is the Mexican word for the bird. I presume the name is of Nahuatl origin. _Dindon_ and _dinde_ just have to have their origin in _d'Inde_. I don't understand the confusion of turkey with guinea fowl. They are two different species. In any case, I have not yet catalogued the New World avian fauna. I do have the following names for the Old World gallinaceous fowl. µortôcen = common partridge "P. Perdix" (interestingly, the Latin word for partridge _perdix_ (and the word "partridge" for that matter) are cognates of the word "fart"! reecînen - common quail "C. coturnix" cââµen - ring-necked pheasant "Phasianus colchicus" cacûren - rock partridge "Alextorix graeca" cáþcacûren - hazel grouse "Tetrastes bonasia" câton = forest cûxren - Caucasian snowcock "Tetragallus caucasicus" crsnëcûxren - blackgrouse "Lyrurus tetrix" crsnin = black jegértëcûxren - rock ptarmigan "Lagopus mutus" jêgon, ice + êrton, earth = tundra mînen - peacock Pavo cristatus tetêrcen - capercaille Tetrao urogallus tetâcen - guinea fowl Numididae sp. Charlie


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