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Beta 1: Conlang Mirror Archives

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 8, 2006, 13:12

A while ago I promised to improve the situation concerning the Conlang
Archives, which have been closed for bots, so that Google does not
search and index them anymore.  And the search tool at Brown is, well,
suboptimal at least.

Since a few weeks, I now have a new server which has enough space, the
necessary configurability and hopefully also the computation power to
implement mirror archives that are designed to overcome some problems
of the Listserv archives at Brown university.

Currently, the first beta test version is available.  It is online
since yesterday only, so Google has not seen it yet, but I'd like to
ask y'all to have a look and tell me how you find it.  It is here:

The design is supposed to mainly overcome two restrictions by:

   1) allowing Google to index it
   2) implementing threading without weekly breaks

The current beta version only indexes the Brown parts up to Dec. 2005.
Older and newer archives will follow soon.  Also note that the style
sheet is not really fancy yet, so the page style are plain and simple.

Please comment!



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