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Re: numbers from your conlangs (by Clint Jackson Baker)

From:Clint Jackson BAKER <litrex2@...>
Date:Friday, November 21, 2003, 16:39
Dear Janko--
Sorry--I was no-list forever and I just did start this new address as I was having
troubles with the old one.

Káyasánoda was the only language I had that got anywhere. But now I have someone
partnering with me in the project, and since now we are looking to do some
actual conculturing, vocabulary and all may be scrapped and taken back to
square one. So I'm afraid it will be a little while before I can justly provide
you with my entry.

Thanks for your patience and understanding

janko gorenc <j_gorenc@...> wrote:
Clint Jackson Baker,
I'm collecting numbers from various languages.
At this moment I have a collection of numbers from 1104 (numbers 1-10 I have from 977) conlangs.
I politely ask you send me numbers from 1-10 in your conlangs.
Thank you for your assistance!
Sorry because I'm contacting you through Conlang list.
I tried to contact you through your e-mail address, but I got a negative answer.
I wish you a lot of success!
Janko Gorenc.

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