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Re: Chilkoot Jargon

From:Brad Coon <bradandjen@...>
Date:Friday, December 10, 1999, 0:22
abrigon wrote:
> > Anyone havc any info on the jargon called Chilkoot, spoken along the > West Coast of what is now the US and Canada. As a trade lingo from the > Tlinghits to the Baja? > > Mike > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Thousands of Stores. Millions of Products. All in one place. > Yahoo! Shopping:
I know of Chinook Jargon which was fairly widespread and Nootka Jargon which appears to have had a very short lifespan. Chilkoot looks like a Tlingit word and my tired recollection is that it refers to a village and also a blanket style (don't hold me to that, its been a long day). I used to specialize in NW Coast lgs in my first grad student days and suspect I would have heard of it which is not to say I know it all, I most assuredly don't. There is an excellent Chinook Jargon web page and the language is undergoing a mini-revival. You can find references to both Jargons and a link from my Northwest Coast Anthropology and Linguistics Webpage ( -- Brad Coon listowner battleship-l (outdoor and prim.skills) If its tourist season, why can't we shoot them?