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Deciphering ones own works

From:/Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Sunday, October 4, 1998, 16:40
Afew days ago I found a journal I had been keeping last year.  after 3 ent=
were paragraphs in what was probably my first mature attempt at a private
language, Stelothe.  I had almost totally forgotten about it.  I set to wo=
deciphering it.  I remember it having a very strange case system,  as well=
a set of agglutinative tense/aspect prefixes [this was before I knew the
difference].  after tinkering around and keeping in mind that this was a
journal, I realized that Rag=FB meant ra-past g=FB-be and that mu=3DI  It =
all began
to come together.  I have deciphered most of the 2nd entry, probably becau=
it included the word "footbal-te" and because i soon remembered the actual
incident I was describing.  Has anyone else ever encountered a forgotten
conlang and attempted to decipher text?
pacs precs
Joe mondello=09