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Re: Fyksland Headline News Weekly - 200207

From:Kvasir - Vaijskä <kvasir@...>
Date:Thursday, February 21, 2002, 12:22
Thanks for you interest Clint!

Few of the pages on the Fyksland website are still being updated. (Time for a
major overhaul after spending FOUR years online!) I'm currently working on
making the pages much more interactive with more graphics and java scripts.
There will be an official site opening "soon". :o)

But meanwhile, facts on Fyksland:
Fyksland has a population of just over 16 million.
about 8 million of which live in the Kaansä (capital) metropolitan area.
Niekopenhaag is the second largest city with over 2 million inhabitants.

Fyksland is divided into 19 duchies instead of provinces. The history of which
originated from the medieval ages. Today dukes and duchesses have little power
other than being a symbolic figure of the region.

The island has few resources other than natural gas, off shore petroleum,
timber (though heavily conserved), geo-thermal power, and minerals. Major
industries include cattle and dairy farming, food processing, pharmaceutical
products, telecommunication technologies, ship-building, fishery, commerce, and

Major trading partners are the EU, US, China and Japan.

Pronunciation on common Fyksian names appearing in Fyksland News:
Vaijskä [faisk] - Fyksland (conventional english name)
Kaansä [ka:nz] - Kaans (conventional english name)
Niekopenhaag ['ni.ekop@nha:x]
Jølantä ['jølant]

More facts to come once i've finished upgrading the "fact and figure" page :o)


--- In conlang@y..., Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@Y...> wrote:
> Siyo, Kvasir! > I adore reading the news from Fyksland. But your > site's "Facts and Figures" page doesn't come up. I'd > like to know its population--I can tell it's so much > greater than Iceland's 300,000, but it seems Fyksland > is much more hospitable (read: arable) than Iceland's > tundra. > > Dana! > Clint
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