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Re: Weekly vocab #9 or 10

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 17, 2003, 2:53
In Rihana-ye:
1. Those people pronounce everything oddly.
Vese-fe baka-fe fugefe ha-fe fugehu *jevaro.
That-pl. man/woman-pl. all thing-pl. very badly pronounce (by-means-of-speak)

2. Finnish agglutinates a lot.
*Finavaroha fugefu *fevarohajo
Finnspeech very greatly agglutinates (with-speak-thing-make)

3. He conjugates his verbs superbly.
Veba veba-ye *jovaroha-fe fugeju jovarohajo
He him-of verbs very skillfully conjugates (verb-thing-make)

4. Some dialects change syntax.
*Dufe *difivaroha-fe *varoheveha *zekejo.
Some (slightly more) dialect(small-language) -pl. syntax (speak-stand-thing)

5. There are two morphemes in "headcold."
"Headcold"-me ky varodiha-fe.
Headcold-in two morpheme(speechpart)-pl.
NOTE: headcold literally translated could  be vajariha, or variha, but that
would not have two morphemes.

6. *Kereha fibasa-me fijo-mi.
     Trash (from-out-thing)  city-in increasing

7. The stench is terrible.
    *Hisla fugehi.
      Badsmell very bad.

8. I flinch whenever I passa midden.
    *Fikereha-the vejomiwa-me, seba *duno.
     Bigtrash-beside goingtime-in I slightlyfall.

9. I play a lyre for rich men in the city.
    Seba fibasa-me *fufela-i ba-fe-deke *kuhloja kuhlojo (or kurojo)
     I       city-in muchmetal-adj. man-pl.-for kindlysoundtool

10. They are overbearingly proud, but theyalso pay well.
      Veba-fe fugefu tuva-i, sepe *gefe veba-fe fugefu laveko.
      They very greatly proud (lordlymind-adj.) but also (morewith) they very
greatly pay.

John Leland