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Re: Scripting

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, January 18, 2002, 6:53
> Have you by any chance looked at Hangul? While its parts are not >combinatoric per se, they do "combine" to form syllables that are both >beautiful in shape and easy to read. However, I am of the opinion that >Hangul >is a fluke, for it has been the model for many constructed scripts that >have >all failed to capture its artistic sense. If anyone knows of another >Hangul-like script that they judge artistic, let me know.
I've seen some of the "original" forms of hankul letters. Very geometric. Much of the aesthetic appeal of Hankul comes from the fact that brush writing essentially changed the geometric shapes into the letter forms you see today. The old script is actually kind of ugly (to me).