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Re: SAMPA to Unicode tool

From:Julien Eychenne <je@...>
Date:Monday, July 7, 2003, 15:57

> Of course nuclei are the *phonetic* bearers of stress. However, it often > makes sense to say that the syllable entire bears stress, since consonants > often behave differently in stressed and unstressed syllables. The > aspiration of English voiceless stops is one example.
I don't deny there are arguments in defence of a syllable stress. If the IPA chose syllable stress, there must be a reason. But there are also theoretical reasons why one could prefer nucleus stress. I do like the idea that syllable is nothing but the result of the interaction of several objects (segments, metrical grid, foot for instance). So, as I don't see the syllable as a phonological level (or phonological object), and as I see nuclei as foot heads, I think it is more accurate (given this theoretical view) to stress nuclei. But one should keep in mind that I don't consider phonetic segments as stressed : I just stress the more proeminent element of the whole foot. The nucleus of the foot bears the accent, but of course the whole foot is accented. I could give a metrical grid to illustrate it, but I'm not sure it is necessary.
> Aside from this: wonderful script. I will start using it myself.
Thank you. I hope it will be useful for you. Best regards, Julien.