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Re: nightmare butchery of lastnames (was Re: Whiteness?)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 6, 2000, 3:52

>Not surprisingly, >their children were given names like Stefano and Caterina. I believe that >"Steve" Kim ended up at Cornell - he and his sister "Cathy" were friends >of >my family.
Interesting! Well, the bi-racial Korean kids usually had American names. My friend Mary has her middle name as Korean - Chong (which is her mother's maiden name). My brother's fiancee who is half Korean is named Melodie, but her mother says it more like "merodie", and a friend of my brother's was named "Suwada" (i'm not sure if that's Korean, but I think it is) his sister on the other hand was named "Lavon". I think for the bi-racial kids their mothers wanted them to fit in, especially since many didnt look full Korean, and maybe they thought people would wonder. Anyway....
> > I once met a fellow of Chinese ancestry who had been raised in >Indonesia. Apparently, during the time when he was born, the government >had >outlawed Chinese names (in an attempt to force the Chinese minority there >to >assimilate). So his parents were forced to choose a non-Chinese name for >him - and he was christened "David Williams." I kid you not. >-Chollie
My father's cousin's husband is a Chinese Filipino. His name is Reuben. I think theyre totally Filipinized, and I dont think he speaks whatever language his ancestors spoke. His surname is spelled interestingly: "See". I've seen that name spelled also like "Sy". Speaking of Filipinos, there tends to be no real "traditional" names among Filipinos. My dad's cousin (mentioned above) sent us a family tree of my grandfather's side. Some of the names are: Pablo, Diodina, Denominadora, Esperanza, Kristofer, Karl, Norian, Nolissa, Rasalyn, Illuminada, Honorio, Pepito, Hildegarda, Leodegario, Felicidad, Panfilo, Hershey (this is my dad's cousin's daughter), Kevin, Rameses, Venice, Zeus, Ymir, Darius (the mother of Zeus, Ymir, and Darius is "Cleopatra"). Filipinos tend to use any name, or even words that they like (like "Hershey"). A lot of names are Spanish, but in the US, kids are being named with American names like Melissa, Daniel, Dennis, etc... _____________________________________ "Courtesy is the KY Jelly of social intercourse"