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[LCC] LCC2 debriefing, LCC3 and LCS planning, and more

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 7, 2007, 4:56
Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed the 2nd Language Creation
Conference; I know that we did.


We's love your feedback! Please email me your comments about all the
speakers, the workshops & discussions, extra-conferencial activities,
organization of the conference itself, etc. Unless you say otherwise,
comments will be posted on the LCC2 feedback page.[2] Take a look at
the event schedule[3] to refresh your memory; we'd like to hear
comments & constructive criticism about all of it, so that future
conferences can continue to be even better than the last.

Conference photos, as well as all handouts & powerpoints, a copy of
the live audiocast, and a radio interview are up on the media page[1].
If you have any photos or other media to contribute, or links to
mailing list / board / blog writeups, articles, or new ideas inspired
by the conference, please send them in.

Items & services from generous members of our community are up for
silent auction[4]; all proceeds go to benefit the Language Creation
Society and fund future conferences. If you have a bid, email it in;
if you submitted a bid in writing at LCC2, please send it in by email
also just to make sure it hasn't slipped through the cracks.

Volunteers to transcribe talks from both conferences would be
appreciated -- help to make the conference more accessible!

Due to some unexpected last-minute changes, DVDs of LCC1 will be less
expensive than announced at the conference. Prices are $25 to non-LCC1
attendees, $20 to attendees, including shipping to any destination.
This is for a set of 6 DVDs and 1 CD, and while supplies last, will
also include copies of the conference program & handouts. Supplies of
programs are very limited, and preference will be given to non-LCC1
attendees. DVD purchasers will receive a $7 discount on membership in
the LCS

We're still working on getting the video from LCC2 uploaded and
converted to DVDs.

LCC3 and the LCS

As mentioned, we are already beginning to plan for the Third Language
Creation Conference(in Spring 2008). We are planning on an East coast
venue, provisionally the University of Rochester around April. Start
thinking about talks and participation, and reserve some time in your
calendar to come out. An official call for papers will go out a little
closer to the conference, but we would be happy to start discussing
your ideas now.

Behind the scenes, we have been working on starting up a new
organization, the Language Creation Society, to run the LCC and
potentially various other conlang-related activities and services to
the community. We were incorporated just before LCC2, and are now
filing for state and federal tax-exempt status. In about a month or
two, if the IRS smiles upon us, we should be a fully operational
501(c)3 non-profit and will be ready to accept memberships. Members
receive voting rights in the LCS and a major say in what we do going

LCC3 will be moving officially under the umbrella of the LCS, and it
costs money to give a great conference! Membership in the LCS will
help to fund LCC and other activities, and will probably give
discounts on conference fees. The more LCS memberships we have, and
the more people who confirm that they plan to attend the next
conference (in the US North East), the better our planning can be, and
the more likely we are to be able to run the conference when and where
we want to.

We are hoping that an East Coast location can help us to draw some
international visitors, and that would be great!

So, if you are interested in attending LCC3 or becoming a member of
the LCS -- please tell us now. If you would specifically attend LCC3
at U. Rochester in April 2008, say so; if not, please say when and
where you would.

If you would be able to donate time, skills, stuff (especially tech &
food), space, or money, know a corporation or government agency that
could, or anything of the sort, let us know. If you or anyone you know
is local and could help out on the ground, even better.

Finally, in keeping with the new organization, please note our new
official email and website[5] (which is currently just the LCC2
website, but will be expanded). If you would like to contact the LCS,
please email us at; your email will go to the
currently elected officers - Henrik Theiling (VP), David Peterson
(Secretary/Treasurer), and myself - who will ensure it gets to the
right people.

Fiat lingua!

- Sai
 President, Language Creation Society

[5] &


Tim Smith <tim.langsmith@...>