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Weekly (sic) vocab. 28

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 19, 2003, 21:23
*entirely new words; ** new expressions from existing words

1. alley ratumik lit., little street
I got lost in an alley the other day.
me cakalaso i ratumik liya leroni**
1-dat ACCID-astray LOC ... other day-of it
(i for ri because of following /r/; "liya leroni" might ought to come first,

2. thug kikayoka 'ruffian, no-goodnik etc.'
Two thugs appeared out of nowhere.
ro kikayoka cakrata alo tangaya**
2 .... ACCID-come from <ta makaya>  = I don't know (colloq.)

3. knife tica
They had long knives.
ilivek ticaçni "their knives were long" -OR-
ine ticaçni livek-- lit. to-them(dat.) knife-pl-poss. long

4. mug nanjul-honder** 'steal-attack', colloq. cukonder
ciyoñi, pilani, man cukonder, mowa ta pando çindini
apparently, thought-their, me/acc ...., but not much speech-their (colloq.
omitting subj.prefixes)

5. Police, civil guard kañavumut (guardian+public), colloq. kañuti
Before they reached me, the police arrived.
kandikre me çumora, irata kañuti
before-that me/dat INCH-near, 3pl-come police

6. brawl kakapaci** < kakapak+ci 'fight+dim.'
There was a bit of a brawl.
yale kakapacipo [kaka'patSipo]
there-is brawl-just

7. to imprison-- runjosa pundipat** 'send to prison' -OR- cosa pundipat**
'go to prison'
The thieves didn't want to be imprisoned.(=go to....)
kandanjul nila ta (i)melo cosa pundipat.
^^^^    ^^^^
thief(sing.) dem(pl) =euphonious for "kandanjulila nila"

8. to surrender-- (for now) pron/acc-reflex. vele** 'give oneself' (or maybe
wth redupl. verb.??)--one of the few cases in modern Kash where vele takes a
human dir.obj.
At last, one surrendered, but the other was already dead.
lulusni, mesani nandu vele(-vele?), mowa liyani mete kombra
end-of it, one-def. 3/acc-refl.(/nan+tu/) give, but other-def. already dead.
Colloq-- subject pfxs omitted, mete = mende for 'already' as opposed to
'perfect tense'; if one reduplicated vele, one might also tend to say
"komba-kombra" which might imply 'really dead, got what he deserved'

9. corpse WHEE nikrowem* < (e)ningar 'body'+ horem 'die' with deletion of
2nd -r-
His corpse is loose and flabby like fat cut from a steak.
nikroweñi cakalonip catramirum orandi tupam endak
corpse-his squishy  flabby    like fat (of) meat
cakalonip < lonip 'soft to the touch'
catramirum < tra-mirum 'flaccid' lit.un-stiff, un-taut
tupam must be specified with endak (colloq. ['tupa?Enda?]), since otherwise
it can refer to grease (tupanjiki 'grease for frying', tupañaki 'grease for
cars' etc.)
What a lovely, and challenging, sentence........:-)

10. god(s) çehama(la) 'spirit(s)'
The gods alone wll judge* him now.
tanju napo çehamala ne itomendo
now only(=nothing but...) .... him/dat. 3pl-judge-fut. (tomen*+to)