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Vocabs 1.3 - KuJomu

From:Gracie V. <the1@...>
Date:Sunday, November 24, 2002, 4:41
#1.3: From 12 Apr 2002

1. doctor / healer

"Medicine Man" - Túlohk or Yéze

Western-style M.D: Fýzi.

> She is my doctor.
Zuso mfýzi. Is(3rdpers.fem.formal) (1stpersoncommonpossessive)western-style doctor.
> 2. medicine
Amót Western style: Topical - Pikérr Ingested - Nèfèt
> That is my medicine, and this is yours.
Eké'z mnèfèt yam', go Eki'z yab' nan. That's my medicine mine, and this's yours (here). (eh, it's a redundant language if nothing else)
> 3. ear
> She looked in their ears.
Tehjikanso wazore yásen. (past tense)inspect(3rdpers.fem.form) the ears theirs.
> 4. eye
> She looked in (or tested, or...) her (someone else's) eye.
Tehjikanso u-ain yáso. (pasttense)inspect(3rdpers.fem.form) the eye hers.
> 5. friend
Suge (non-gender specific)
> Our friends are ill.
Nsugée'z kats. (1stperspl.possessive)friends're [physically] sick.
> 6. itch and/or scratch
Itch (n.) - Piki Scratch (n.) - Chochorr
> His scratch (the one on him) is worse than his scratch (the one he caused on > > someone else unspecified).
Sachochorr'z mahrjelik na'u-chochorr yása. (3rdperspossform)scratch's [more]bad than the scratch his(emphasis).
> 7. hurt / pain (the verb ... or not)
To Hurt (physically) - i-Chenót Pain - Mívu
> Do y'all's heads hurt? / Do you guys have headaches?
Chenótsée benkepalal ye? Hurt( ( [question indicator] (Hurtthey y'all'sheads?)
> 8. diagnosis
> His diagnosis (that he gave) is that she will get better.
SaTaxirshan'z swe Oso ago gan laat. (3rdpers.sing.form.poss.)diagnosis's that she [will] become better. 9. cure / heal Cure (noun) - Shafa To Heal - i-Hèdhu To Cure - i-Feyaq
> His diagnosis (for the disease he has) has a cure.
Az anShafa fi saKeyyshan. There's (Exists) a cure for his illness.
> She will cure my friends.
Msugée oso ago feyaq My friends she (future tense indicator) cure 10. ill Kats (physically ill)
> I am not ill anymore.
Eme ka'z kats kapí' I (common) (neg)am ill/sick (neg)more.