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OT: "Claw" (was "I'm new at this")

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Sunday, November 24, 2002, 2:51
Replying to Christophe:

All right, we've got to get this straight, because the pronunciation which
you're saying is normal, I would claim could never exist in any dialect of
English in any part of the world ever.   Let me make sure we're not getting
any wires crossed here:

1.) First, we're talking about the word "claw", which is usually the paw of
an animal which has with sharp nails.

2.) [A] is a low, back, unrounded vowel, and [aw] is a front, low, unrounded
vowel followed by a labio-velar glide (or some sort of high, back, rounded
coda), forming a diphthong.

3.) The word "clod" has [A] ([k_h5A:d]), and the word "cloud" has [aw]

4.) The word "clawed" is identical to the word "clod" in pronunciation, and
NOT "cloud".

5.) The only other pronunciation of "claw" is [k_h5O], where [O] is an
open-mid, back, rounded vowel.

Those are the five main possible sticking points that I foresee.   If those
all hold up, though, and we're not getting any wires cross, then where have
you heard this pronunciation?   I'd be curious to know, and to see what other
variations exist in that dialect.


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