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Acute accents over non-vowels

From:Isidora Zamora <isidora@...>
Date:Saturday, September 13, 2003, 20:47
What is the best way (or any way, for that matter) to get an acute accent
over a non-vowel character?

One of my conlangs has syllabic sonorant consonants /m, n, N, r, l/.  This
same language also has free stress, and I plan on marking the stressed
syllable with an acute accent.  Sometimes the nucleus of the stressed
syllable is not a vowel, but a sonorant consonant.  (eg. tovl - "to
instruct", and tovlm - "instruction", both stressed on the final
syllable)  There should properly be an acute accent located over the 'l' in
both words.  How do I do this?

Unfortunately, I do not yet know how to type *any* accented or unusual
characters.  (Except that by serendipity I happened yesterday upon the html
coding for the five vowels with acute or grave accents over them, but that
doesn't do me any good in a word processor.)  Another one of my conlangs is
a tone language with two tones, without syllabic sonorant consonants, but
possibly with lax vowels for which I will need non-Roman charaters (I could
restrict the vowel system to the basic 5 so as not to have to use non-Roman
characters,  but I would rather extend it slightly to include /E/ and
/O/.)  In any case, the high tones will need to be marked with an acute
accent.  What options do I have for methods to use to put in these
accents?  How are these options restricted if I chose to represent /E/ and
/O/ with something like the IPA symbols?  (Which brings up the question of
where I could possibly get upper-case versions of the IPA symbols.)

I would be immensely grateful for any help, as I know absolutely nothing
about the subject at this point.



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