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Re: Adding Inuit phonemes to Old Norse

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 13, 2007, 21:28
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From: Aidan Grey <taalenmaple@...>

> Assuming that the Skraeling langs (and Skraeling was a term that > is pretty much recognized as a generic term nowadays, essentially > equivalent to "indians") are adstrates on Old Norse, then Old > Norse phonology would predominate. Those phonemes that appear in > all the Skraeling langs may be added to the inventory, but I think > the Inuktitut phonemes you're having probs with would collapse > with others already present: > > /N, N\/ > n, ng, nk or something similar (i.e. N is in ON already) > /K/ > /l/ > /q, G\/ > /k/ > /O/ - isn't this in ON already? > /t', d', r', J\/ > /t, d, r, j/ > > Take that with a grain of salt, my XSampa isn't what it used to be.
As CXS, it appears sane, though I had retroflex rather than palatalized apicals. /J\/ -> /j/ seems to be quite reasonable. /N/ is in ON already, but isn't it only an allophone of /n/ before / k/, /g/? I think I'd be looking to borrow words with /N/ (and /N\/) without their accompanying stop, though borrowing them both as / Ng/ (maybe as /g/ initially?) might be a plausible work-around alongside /q/, /G\/ -> /k/, /g/. I'd need to know more about how often velars and uvulars are found distinctively in Inuktitut, and the other languages of Greenland, Eastern Canada, and the Northeastern USA. /O/ is in ON. It's not in Finlaesk, and now I think about it I'm not absolutely sure why not. I may bring both /E/ and /O/ back via the ogonek. We're starting to get into the territory of having scarily many vowels, though, and the very thought of LATIN (SMALL) LIGATURE OE WITH OGONEK for /9/ makes me a touch queasy. I shall think about it. Right now I have allophonic devoicing of liquids after voiceless stops and fricatives (with other voicing rules influencing that), so I can write sl, fl, kl, as needed. I may ressurect the use of |h| (currently representing /x/ alone) as a prefixed digraph character for voiceless liquids. I had this idea in place, then I got rid of it, mostly because I needed an /x/ character, and also the rules for |h| were getting too bulky for the wiki section as it was. Paul