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Re: OT: Mismatched phonologies / accents

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>
Date:Friday, January 25, 2008, 12:13
* John Vertical said on 2008-01-25 12:48:17 +0100
> Speakers of a foreign language are not going to worry about > their non-distinctions undoing previous sound changes or > producing homophones. In Finlänt, foo önatör, moo karent > iksämpöl, vii häv tis ting koolt rälli traivör inklis vits is > pööfektli häpi tu tiskaat ool voising tistinksöns änt ö houl > pants of atöös, and manitsiis to iiven ket antastuut, > okkeisönäli enivei, iiven tispait ool tät. ;)
/me runs around in circles, screams and shouts, with blood gushing out of both eyes: "How do I scrub my brain clean!" For the rest of you, Finns have (in Scandinavia) a reputation for extreme skill at completely mangling English *grammar*, and to be reminded what they are capable of doing with the pronunciation of the poor thing is just too much :) Bøtt, kånsidering vat Nårvidjens ar keipæbl åf, ai skodn't bi de wån tu kåmplein! t.


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