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Re: OT: Mismatched phonologies / accents

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, January 27, 2008, 18:19
Taliesein et al. have written:
...In Finl�nt, foo �nat�r, moo karent
>>>>>>iks�mp�l, vii h�v tis ting koolt r�lli traiv�r inklis vits >>>>>>is p��fektli h�pi tu tiskaat ool voising tistinks�ns ... >>>>>B�tt, k�nsidering vat N�rvidjens ar keip�bl �f, ai skodn't >>>>>bi de w�n tu k�mplein! >>>> >>>>N�rvidjens ar m�stlig not�bb�l f�r v�tt dej do to d� >>>>intonejtjen, vitch is hard to reprisent in rajting. >>> >>(�nd �s ju k�n si ai'm n�t m�tsj intu >>r�tiks �ll �ove de pleis... mai f�st Inglisj-titsje insistid �n >>seiing 'tjusdi' insted �f 'tusdei' f�r instens) > >Kuriusli main did tu. > >>t., hu tinks dis is kvait f�nn
snip snip snip.... All this is reminding me of the occasional encounters (in the 1940s) with grandparents of some of my grade-school chums, whose names included Hauge, Aker, Stavig, Johnson, Jensen, Peters(oe)n, Hans(eo)n, Ols(eo)n, Swanson, Swenson etc. etc. -- and mustn't forget Boersma who had a Reputation.....;-)))))))))))))))))


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