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Re: conlang survey part 2 + translation ex

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Monday, December 9, 2002, 16:05
Sally Caves  <scaves@...> 2002.12.08. 15:13:56 -5h-kor írta:
> From: "Mau Rauszer" <maurauser@...>
> Ad e kwe'r imral wemtso jane? :) ("Whom would we speak them to?") > I can speak to my cat, tell her to come here, get combed, be loved; I can > talk to the saucepan and ask it not to boil over; likewise I can speak to my > husband about... well, let's not go there! :) But as far as spontaneously > arguing my case in court, I would be hopelessly tongue-tied in Teonaht!
Na walaindira runimeyeryenna longeryeq. Ú alah neb 'fantasiq' qi leqwendinye ta géq. So, I will teach my cousin to my language. He is interested in every kind of 'fantasy' and he loves me to an end.
> > Myáni, ninzienwe Ingonyamaq, gemindidenwe. Qi hawie diwezindiud umbet > e-nalwesse iq. :) > > Toykywet aista, rin oba fyl fymfforem! :) ("That was naughty, your not > translating that!")
Aw, I forgot it. It means 'Thanks to Ingonyama (God) I have forund it. And I hope it will give me help and inspiration.' And i forget the accusative endings from 'umbet' "help" and 'nalwe' "impresseion". So the correct form is: Qi havie diwezindiud umbetenna qi nalwenna iq.
> Vo potemaht fyl kyam plebuant "an-lain"! ("Your dictionary is not complete > yet on-line") :)
Yeah. I just started my website one or two months ago and i'm very busy with the grammar pages but not so with the dictionary section. And I have to collect all my older formed words which are still valid. And even I live far from my home in the most of the week and i can work only in the school, gah. So bear wit' me.
> I looked up Myani, and couldn't find it. I have a vastly incomplete on-line > lexicon as well. I add a little to it whenever I can, but the difficulty is > that I have words written down in so many different sources it's hard to > organize the Teonaht lexicon into a definitive canon. Small progress is > being made.
Hehe :) Myáni is a slangy word for "yeah, yes" which standard Long Wer doesn't have together with 'not'. You have to repeat the question verb. But 'myáni' is indeed listed at the 'lessons' section, in the first Long Wer lesson at the vocabulary. -- Mau láwe miriloqí sfie taqe inqe - just somebody who wants to live