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Re: conlang survey part 2 + translation ex

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, December 8, 2002, 20:11
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From: "Mau Rauszer" <maurauser@...>

> Zeshefde Sally Caves <scaves@...> ta 2002.12.08. her
01:42:19 -5h:
> > Uanner, cel kalalya ingenyoht on tal krespr vera pereb tal on il kalalya > > uarhai hadha! Nwetis conlangerim novihsyvarn harym perim, kempar celil > > tibro enua hsve eno. > > > > (Because one can't write in one's invented language before one has
> > it. There are many novitiate conlangers here, especially within the
> > two years.) > Ay, mí qey aláya ú zeshe! Noyatendi lawe mbeindoamonyortenna. > O, but how wonderful is writing! You create your whole little secret way
of thinking. Yryi pommeuan! ("I agree"; lit. "I accompany, go along")
> Qi tintián qer, enduit e-naran. > And while thinking differently, you change slowly.
Tehhyn! ("Of course!") Id est, ta vera releksika o mear fyl kalalya. ("That is, so long as your language isn't just a "relex").
> > Nwetis mal ymep. Uo ro kalalyan ingenyoht tso hdar krepr, ro tso hdar
> > (Many are just beginning. And do we write or do we speak our invented > > languages?) > Úwuher, teyaissiyundinwe. Mí qen, udoriah e-zeshendie qazunna qoru. > In most cases, not. But then it is tiresome to write long texts. > > Kai! Noyayundi longunna amyuryo qi teyaissiyu gelongaryu? > But hey, we create our own languages and can't speak them?
Ad e kwe'r imral wemtso jane? :) ("Whom would we speak them to?") I can speak to my cat, tell her to come here, get combed, be loved; I can talk to the saucepan and ask it not to boil over; likewise I can speak to my husband about... well, let's not go there! :) But as far as spontaneously arguing my case in court, I would be hopelessly tongue-tied in Teonaht!
> Qi leya doronahteya mbemenu wagulod. > I didn't want to be judgemental. If I was I'm sorry. And every man is lazy
a bit. Nibemid, pommeuid! Forgiven, agreed!
> > If it was based on Egyptian, perhaps this is why you could write so
> > before you had an established grammar. From your account, I must take
> > what I said about not writing your language before you have created it; > > clearly you wrote and created it at the same time, and have committed
> > of it to memory. I have found that the more complicated Teonaht grows,
> > more difficult it is to create new words and structures without
> > old words and structures. This is why not having a single place where
> > my words and grammatical systems are written down and easily accessed is
> > frustrating. Teonaht, except for a few borrowings, is almost completely
> > priori. That I remember as much of it as I do still amazes me. But
> > become pickier about my written expression. > > > > This is the great advantage of having a list like this. Keep on working
> > it, Mau.
> Myáni, ninzienwe Ingonyamaq, gemindidenwe. Qi hawie diwezindiud umbet
e-nalwesse iq. :) Toykywet aista, rin oba fyl fymfforem! :) ("That was naughty, your not translating that!") Vo potemaht fyl kyam plebuant "an-lain"! ("Your dictionary is not complete yet on-line") :) I looked up Myani, and couldn't find it. I have a vastly incomplete on-line lexicon as well. I add a little to it whenever I can, but the difficulty is that I have words written down in so many different sources it's hard to organize the Teonaht lexicon into a definitive canon. Small progress is being made. Sally Sally Caves Eskkoat ol ai sendran, rohsan nuehra celyil takrem bomai nakuo. "My shadow follows me, putting strange, new roses into the world."