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Swadesh List of Vulgar Latin?

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, September 8, 2000, 6:32
Well, i have a few books on Old Spanish (really good stuff that gives me
an idea of where to go for a possible Romance Lang). Anyway, i was
wondering, is there anywhere a "swadesh list' (right? A list with the
basic words necessary) on the web?

Anyway, to spice things up a bit and make my romance lang (if I can get it
together) a bit different, i'd like to apply some of the rules that
Saalangal has for the phonology (which means i'll really have to think
about that much more).

Some of the ideas I have are:

- /f/ > /p/  (but, i'm wondering if i can do /f/ >/v/ as in it being
- /nk/ - /Nk/ - mancla - mangcla (perhaps with this, when /n/ > /N/, it
causes /k/ to become /g/, which then gets dropped, so: mancla > mangcla >
manggla > mangla)
- /ng/ > /N/
- /n/ before a bilabial > /m/ : inflare > implare > implar. Also, i could
also change the /p/ to /b/: implar > imblar
- /li/ > /lj/ - filio > pilio > piljo
- /ll/ > /lj>
- /kt/ > /t/
- /v/ > /w/ (interestingly, one of my books says this was the earlier
Latin pronunciation): valle - walle (/walje/)
- /pl/, /cl/, /fl/ no change , except /fl/ which, if /f/ > /p/, then /fl/
becomes /pl/: plaga > plaga, clave > clave > clawe,  flamma > plama
geminates simplify: flamma > flama > plama
- consonant clusters of three get reduced down to two, as in the example
"manggla > mangla" , but i'm not sure of the rules for that.

The vowels will probably go the way they did in Spanish (not quite sure)

Now, i'm wondering how well Saalangal words could fit this, especially if
I thought about a possible alternate reality where the Saalangal homeland
was colonized by Romans :) (they live in the Indian Ocean, near Indonesia
and India)

Anyway, it's all tentative. I need to really read these books to see what
direction I want to go (i'm thinking similar in some ways to how Spanish
sounds, but not quite).


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