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Re: Swadesh List of Vulgar Latin?

From:Leo Caesius <leo_caesius@...>
Date:Friday, September 8, 2000, 15:26
Barry Garcia wrote:
"Well, i have a few books on Old Spanish (really good stuff that gives me an
idea of where to go for a possible Romance Lang). Anyway, i was wondering,
is there anywhere a "swadesh list' (right? A list with the basic words
necessary) on the web?"
     I'm under the impression that Jeffrey Henning's LangMaker comes with a
3000-word Latin lexicon (but I've never used it).  For my own attempts at
ConRomance, I found a Latin dictionary on the web (at, cleaned it up, used Word to divide the text into
two columns (one being the word itself and the other being POS, definition,
examples of use, etc.) and then ran the first column through a sound change
applier.  Afterwards I pasted in the second column and sorted the whole
thing; it was the rudiments of a nice dictionary but it still needs a lot of
work (hence my reticence about Afer recently).
     I still have the "cleaned up" Latin wordlist (about 8,000 words) so if
you need something of that size I can send it to you (in Rich Text Format).
But it may require a little more tinkering.  It was *very rough* when I
downloaded it from

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