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Re: Frog Man Vowels (Old Norse o-ogonek/Danish accents)

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Monday, May 8, 2000, 22:03
From: "John Cowan"

> Believe it or not, these are about the *only* letters in Latin
> whose purpose is not explained in the Unicode book! There is also > E WITH CEDILLA, which is included for completeness, and G WITH ACUTE, > which is a total mystery.
Really? I got all the .pdf files for Unicode 3.0, I better check that...
> > Still don't know how I'm gonna mark tone... > > How about, like, Not? Just let the bleeders figure it out themselves!
I may have no choice. Or I'll just have two tones (and maybe some "allotones") and use the acute to mark high pitch like the Diné (Navajo) do. DaW.