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Date:Monday, August 23, 1999, 13:10
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 23/08/99 13:30:47  , vous avez =E9crit :

> 3. I have a class of words that are mostly adverbs in my mind, but > don't behave like those. They come at the end of sentences and > I thought 'I think those are discourse markers as we were talking > about in Conlang months ago!' but I'm not sure. What do you think > of this? Look at _tadh_: > =20 > Tegem tadh farfpainet. > run.1s TADH NEG.reach.1s > 'I run, but I can't reach (it).' > *or* 'I run, however I can't reach (it).' > *or* 'Not mattering that I run, I can't reach (it).' > =20 > Is it a conjunction, or an adverb? And what do I do with this?: > =20
i guess you're the only one to know that ;-) i mean, an adverb qualifies the verb, that is, it is a verb whose subject is the main verb, or an adjective whose head is that main verb while the cunjunction con-joins two clauses, that is, it is a verb whose subject is the main main clause, or an adjective whose head is that main clause. =20 and the second clause is its object. so what do you feel _tadh_ is ? ;-) to know that, just topicalize the sentence.
> Tegem, farfpainet tadh. > 'I run -- I can't reach (it), though.' > =20 > I think *this* _tadh_ is a discourse marker, since it can't be a > conjunction, and it doesn't behave like an adverb (which always goes > before the verb -- God forbid it shifts to final position, since it > would destroy my grammatical structures!). > =20
> I'll probably have more questions later -- please bear with me. :-( >=20
and bear with my stupid post. but i really feel things are like that.=20
> =20 > --Pablo Flores