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Semi-new Language

From:Keolah Kedaire <keolah@...>
Date:Monday, March 27, 2000, 23:51
Well, really just redoing an old one I wasn't particularly happy with. The
language of a continent called Anda, existing far into the future, in a
world where most technology was destroyed and the people rely on magic. In
the old notes I found, their language was supposedly constructed from all
the languages currently spoken at the time. However, from the look of
things, the "Andan" dictionary I have seems to be what it was before they
put them together. Yikes, what a nightmare, it seemed like no two words
had the same plural form or verb conjugation. *shiver*

So, I figure, I'll go back to the Department of Linguistics of Nedaland
(can anyone guess where that is?) and how they would likely put Andan
together. This may take a while...

I don't really have much yet except a collection of dictionaries, and that
they will have regular plural and verb forms dangit. I also have the
feeling that this will be nothing like the original version of Andan...

Keolah the Seeker
"So long as people have dreams, the world will not grow stagnant."