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SPAM?: Hi.

From:Rex May - Baloo <rmay@...>
Date:Thursday, October 7, 2004, 1:28
on 10/6/04 12:35 PM, Carsten Becker at wrote:

> Hey! > > I googled up your email address and found out you're Rex May from the > Conlang List. I knew I have seen your address somewhere else already. > > Today, there was a message with the title "Hi." in my inbox. Did you > sent that email intentionally or was your email address misused by some > spambot (You know, anonymous email etc.)? However, that mail was marked > as spam and went to the trash. > > I've also asked on CONLANG under "OT: Maybe virus" (or similar).
No. I've wondered why I get things like that, too. No, I didn't send it. Interesting. Why would anybody bother making viruses like that? -- Rex F. May (Baloo) Daily cartoon at: Buy my book at: