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A single Saalangal (Saalkamis) sentence.

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Thursday, October 7, 2004, 12:27
It is now called "Saalkamis" from "Saal" - island, and "Kamis" -
language (The Saalangal believe they're the only ones on an Island,
oddly... despite protests of others... they simply think that's funny

So, i've been inspired. I've reworked the verbs, which strangely works
something like Indonesian does now (Active and Passive Marking...
although i'm not clear about how Indonesian REALLY does it as the
grammars i've found are very poor (Funny that the Tagalog site at SIU
is pretty clear, but the Indonesian one is poor).

Anyway, here's the one sentence:

He lives in the church - Saalingil halam di sa krialangga  -
halam - he
di - in
sa - this
kri.alangga - place-of.worship

The above would reference a chief, who in the smaller villages usually
has the village place of worship attached to his house, essentially a
part of his house. Thus, he lives in the church.

The reason I changed this from Triggers is i kept confusing the hell
out of myself as to their use. Yes, it is the easy way out, but this
is my toy! But i've still kept the feel I was going for... a sort of
pseudo Philippine sounding language. Although it doesn't always sound
very "Philippine".

Oh, by the way, the people are still called "Saalangal", which has
always meant "island people."

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I gave myself to providence
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