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Re: Hi to the Ukraine from Tokyo

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 5, 2001, 18:14
> > > Ukrainian is ["ke<retr>jiw] - Ukr. /y/ is a front (!) vowel, > > > similar to Fr. > > > /é/ in 'bébé', > > > > Huh? I tended to hear it as a high middle vowel, as in Welsh. > OK, I speak > > (or, rather, try to speak) a strange variation of Ukrainian - > pronunciation > > from L'viv (where I started actually _speaking_ it) - for example I say > > "shcho" and not "sho" for "what" as in the Surzhik forms, but vocabulary > > mostly Kiev/Poltava - I use "duzhe"and not "bardzo/bardzho" for "very > > High middle? Like Russian {y} [1] 'yeru'? Strange. Especially for L'viv > pronounciation, where it tends to be almost [e] in contrast to [E] for > {e}... I still see it like close-mid front retracted (not retroflex, of > course!), smth average between [e] and [9].
Not like Russian. Like Welsh. In Welsh, it's not an unrounded "u", it's an unrounded "ü", so the whole thing really _is_ midway between [9] and [y]. We were talking about the same sound, only coming to it from two different directions :-) The L'viv pronunciation quite confused me in this respect, when I heard songs by "Okean El'zy" - the singer seemed to mix up the "y" and "e" to my Russian ears! Bye, Pavel