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some Viivo poetry- 2 short poems

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 20, 2000, 22:07

fres:co metallii
mano-:creazii ne:x:ii legno
(pezzi bio-morfii forma)

Un Taipan x:a buttii mii
exo sedii-mobilii ne:x:ii ze
ii x:a forte-mano exo edificii



    cool metal
    hand-creation PREP. wood(s)
    (PLURAL biomorphic shape)

    A Taipan PAST toss me
    out-from sit-furniture PREP. PRONOUN
    and PAST strong-hand out-from building


    cool metal
    hand-crafted woods
    (biomorphic shapes)

    The CEO has me evicted
        from his chair
    & escorted outta the building


pi:colo edonii: bambu dorsa-graffii-utii
ix ma-mangii: bambu 'chop'-ste:ca
    ix prefara ne:x:ii plastii:co
MA plastii:co bo-bono ne:x:ii
    metalli in bo:ca


    small pleasure: bamboo back-scratch-tool
    HABIT. ASP.  RE-DUP.=eat= : bamboo chopstick(s)
        CONT.ASP. prefer PREP. plastic
    BUT plastic RE-DUP.=good= PREP.
        metal in mouth

        small pleasure: bamboo back-scratcher
        eating:  bamboo chopsticks
            preferable to plastic
        BUT plastic better than
            metal in mouth