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Re: CCHAT: History of the conlang list

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Saturday, March 11, 2000, 2:25
John to Nik:
> > I'd go with it's establishment as an actual listserv - March 24, 1993 > > according to John Cowan. So, still a few years to go. Either that or > > July 18, 1991, since that was when the alias was set up. > > I think that all these changes of state were just transpositions to > a new medium, and that the Platonic essence of conlang was present > from the June 1991 beginning.
Apparently I am the only survivor from the absolute beginning (not surprising, since according to John there were only 4 people involved!). My recollection is that before the conlang@buphy address was set up we were just cc-ing each other, after very rapidly having concluded that it was too hard to manage without a proper list. So I would treat that phase as one that culminated in the founding of the Conlang list, which according to John was July 18 1991. The change from alias to listserv when the Stewardship of the List passed from John Ross to Lars was from a subscriber's perspective nothing more than a change in the list address. --And.