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CCHAT: History of the conlang list

Saturday, March 11, 2000,2:25And Rosta
Saturday, March 11, 2000,2:25And Rosta
Friday, March 10, 2000,8:21Aidan Grey
Friday, March 10, 2000,5:46Barry Garcia
Friday, March 10, 2000,5:33Aidan Grey
Friday, March 10, 2000,1:12Barry Garcia
Friday, March 10, 2000,0:28Sylvia Sotomayor
Thursday, March 9, 2000,22:53Barry Garcia
Thursday, March 9, 2000,17:37Sylvia Sotomayor
Thursday, March 9, 2000,9:47Barry Garcia
Thursday, March 9, 2000,9:25B Elliott Walker
Thursday, March 9, 2000,8:03Christophe Grandsire
Thursday, March 9, 2000,7:56Christophe Grandsire
Thursday, March 9, 2000,7:46Irina Rempt
Thursday, March 9, 2000,4:17andrew
Thursday, March 9, 2000,2:24Padraic Brown
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,22:35Aidan Grey
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,22:28taliesin the storyteller
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,22:13Irina Rempt
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,22:06John Cowan
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,21:37Nik Taylor
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,19:37Paul Bennett
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,17:28Padraic Brown
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,16:32Christophe Grandsire
Wednesday, March 8, 2000,15:59John Cowan