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Re: New Script styles......

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 25, 2000, 23:54 writes:
>Yeah, erm sorry about scooting half-way through a project, (e|i)mmigrating >was a fairly spontaneous move [*], so things were kinda up in the air all >over the place. Hopefully, I'm not due to change landmasses again for a >while, so I should be a little more reliable. > >[*] Well, it was planned as an "eventually", but it became an "imminently" >in a very short, unexpected period.
Well, i didn't mind at all :)
> > >That'd be great! Please, if you do a more curvy form, please can you do >as >you did for the old "scryll" font and provide high-resolution pure >black-on- >white images, so they'll convert to outlines as easily as possible?
No problem. It´s quite easy and not at all difficult. BTW, The scryll is a variation on scrawl, since I didnt know what to name the image file at first. I´ll include the correct name for the script with the images. ________________________________________________ It's worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance...