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How you render foreign place names in your conlangs (<: How you pronunce foreign place names)

From:Deinx Nxtxr <dana.nutter@...>
Date:Sunday, January 21, 2007, 15:12
> Ditto for "Paris", "Seoul", "Kagoshima", "Iraq", "Madrid", "Havana", > "São Paulo" etc.
I thought this would make a good exercise as well. What are the same names in your favorite conlangs. Show both the written form and the phonemic form.
> "Paris"
Sasxsek: pari /pari/ Panamerikan: Pari /pari/
> "Seoul"
Sasxsek: sxul /s@ul/ Panamerikan: Seul /seul/
> "Kagoshima"
Sasxsek: kagosjima /kagosjima/ Panamerikan: Kagoxima /kagoSima/
> "Iraq"
Sasxsek: irak /irak/ Panamerikan: Irak /irak/
> "Madrid"
Sasxsek: madrid /madrid/ Panamerikan: Madrid /madrid/
> "Havana"
Sasxsek: avana /avana/ Panamerikan: Avana /avana/
> "São Paulo" etc.
Sasxsek: saun'paulu /sawn pawlu/ Panamerikan: Saun-Paulu /saUn paulu/ Notes Sasxsek names are introduced with the particle "li", as in "li madrid" or tied to a noun with the preposition "lu" as in "sitat lu madrid" ("city of madrid") or "marin lu misjigxn" ("Lake Michigan"). Sasxsek /r/ = [r\] /r/ in Panamerikan can be [R] [r] [r] or [4] depending on dialect.


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