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Re: fingers

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 17:00
 I'm from New York and I've always said "pinky". My
family is Russian/German/Hungarian/English in origin.
I've also called it "little finger".

--- Thomas Wier <trwier@...> wrote:

> Adam Walker wrote: > > Well, if it is originally a Scotish borrowing from > > Dutch, I would expect it to be most common in > those > > areas of the country with the highest emmigration > of > > Scots, ie the South. My family all uses the word. > We > > are all Southerners, have been for as long as 400 > > years on some braches of the family. There is a > high > > concentration of Scotish blood in the family and > also > > several Dutch lines. I don't think the useage in > > theis country is anything new, but I do think it > may > > have been a regional usage until not so long ago. > > Southern usages have been gaining prestige. > > That seems quite possible to me. My family's always > lived south of the Ohio as well, and my family is > mostly Scottish (indeed, mostly the same clan, > MacNaughton). > Several centuries ago, before the Act of Union, > Scotland > was a much poorer place, and many Scots emigrated to > > other parts of Europe (one Scot figured prominently > in the Thirty Years' War, in which England had > little > or no part). Several of my Scottish ancestors lived > on the continent in this way: Rev. Malcom Wier (b. > ca 1516) > died in Geneva; his grandson John Wier (aka Jan > Vyer, > b. ca 1645) lived in Amsterdam; the latter's son Dr. > John > Wier lived in Brussels, and his children returned to > > live in Scotland only to move later to Northern > Ireland > thence another generation later to South Carolina > some time in the late 18th century. > > Anyways, that's a round-about way of saying that I > find > it quite possible that the vector for introducing > words > was Scottish, and that this was taken thence to > America. > Question: how common is "pinky" in the New York > area? > Dutch Americans living in what became New York would > be > another vector for the word. > >
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