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Re: beautiful scripts (to Christophe/Amber)

From:Doug Ball <db001i@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 10, 2001, 5:21
Matt33 wrote:
> By the way, my half-hearted attempt at my conlang > (Vya:a:h) has left me stumped. The script appears a > pseudo-Khmer script written in form of Hangul, but > also incorporates the Chinese/Japanes system of > pictograms for up to the 500 most common concepts. > I'm stumped, however, with how to keep the > "3-to-an-inverted-triangle-set" concept I want, as > most of the vocab are polythetic (is that the right > word? -- ie, very long words).
The word you're looking for, I think, is polysynthetic, although I'm not sure if that is the word that describes how Vya:a:h is. It is my understanding that polysynthetic means a lot of morphemes in one word, and some muddying has transpired (over time) that has blurred the morpheme boundaries. Such as example would be this Navajo verb: Nshiit'áázh ni-s-iid-'áázh TERMINATIVE-PREFECTIVE-1.DUAL.Subj-two.walk.PERFECTIVE 'We two went' Notice how the actual verb (first line) does not have the clarity of morphemes in the second line (which is the morpheme-by-morpheme gloss) (i.e. the actual verb isn't nisiidáázh)--this is what I mean by muddying. However, Vya:a:h might be agglutinative, which is close to polysynthetic, but not quite the same. There are still a lot of morphemes, but they segment very nicely, as in this Turkish verb: veriyorsunuz ver-i-yor-sunuz Give-epenthetic vowel-PRESENT-2PL 'You (pl.) are giving' Not only are the morphemes clear in this verb, but they are clear throughout the language. However, you should probably take the above with a grain of salt--this is more my take on polysynthesis than an definitive definition, and I have the impression that there isn't a lot of consensus as to what would be a definite definition (Although everyone seems to agree that polysynthesis, at least partially, includes the presence of lots of morphemes within a single word). Perhaps more than you wanted to know, but hopefully helpful. --Doug


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