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H. Beam Piper - Conlang

From:Abrigon Gusiq <mike_adams61@...>
Date:Sunday, May 9, 1999, 8:54
Has anyone here, read any books by H.Beam Piper, especially his "Lord Kalven
of Otherwhen" book (and the sort of sequel by another writer).

The basic premise of the books is the classic split dimension concept of
infinity different dimensions which cover all the different possible paths
reality can take.

The End Result is a 20th Century man, finding himself in a reality where the
Indo-Europeans did not go West (into Europe, India, Iran, Asia Minor and
like), but went East over the land bridge into North America, in the process
wiping out many of the native american tribes along the way, but in this
reverse, it was not the Eastern Tribes whipped out, but the western, so
instead of Eskimo/Aleut/Athabaskan and like suriviving, the Cherokee and
others survived more than they did in our world.

Has anyone thought of what the resulting language of this alternate world
would be like? Indo-Europeans, but with many native american, and asian
words added along the way?

Just curious. There was some examples in his book, but ... not many.
Sadly H.Beam Piper died by his own hand, just before he made his big break,
and instead of being just as popular as Tolkien and like, he basically seems
to have disappeared.


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