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From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 7, 1998, 19:48
Just bought an interesting sci fi book today. It's called Tomorrow,
And Tomorrow, and Tomorrow...
It is an anthology.
Anyway, one of the reasons I bought it is H. Beam Piper's story
included in it. The story is "Omnilingual".
Just started reading it, and the setting is "archeology digs on
Mars". At least, that's how it opens. Will tell you more about the
story, if it turns out to be a good one, and how the "omnilingual"
fits in. Anybody else ever read the story? If so, what did you think
of it?

Also, in passing. The new ezine "Li NOV Cosmoglotta" is developing
better now. It is written in English, and other natlangs, plus Rap
Lin Rie and Occidental. Any interested are invited to subscribe. You
can send me a private email for the "invitation letter" first, or
send "subscribe NOV" to Topics will cover
history to religion, science to poetry, language to IAL's and more.
And, include lessons for certain "language" things.

Hope everybody is having fun. Oh, and some of you might consider
using your "posting to conlang letter writing skills" to provide some
articles to Li NOV Cosmoglotta. Who knows, we might become "infamous"
some day.

Al l sue a v al,
Bob, x+