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Subcontinental Language Isolates

From:Eamon Graham <robertg@...>
Date:Thursday, November 7, 2002, 13:45
Dear Group,

First extra special thanx to Yitzik for the post about Kyakhta!

I'm looking for information - linguistic, cultural or historical -
about a few language isolates from India/Pakistan.

The first is Burushashki which I have quite a bit of linguistic info
but nothing really about the history.

The other two are Bhatola and Nihali.  I found a Swadesh list for
Nihali but nothing else.  I'm not even quite sure what Bhatola is,
if it is in fact a language isolate or if I got some bogus info.

In addition to language, I'm very interested in learning about the
peoples themselves, ethnically and historically.  (Is "peoples
themselves" anywhere near good English grammar?)

I'm considering adding a con-subcontinental con-fictional language
isolate to the Bauhinese world.  (And, of course, for use in

Any clues?

Eamon Graham


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