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Re: Subcontinental Language Isolates

From:Eamon Graham <robertg@...>
Date:Saturday, November 9, 2002, 9:10
Roger Mills wrote:

> Further to that-- I googled for Nihali (3 hits, but a cross-ref. to Nahali-- > are they the same?).
First of all, thanks again for the help! I'm a little confused too whether Nihali and Nahali are the same thing or not.
> And my memory was jogged re the SOAS, the obvious place to look for > info on > such languages. (Though as I recall you live in France??, but > surely must > get to London on occasion.....)
Certainly, I'm a familiar face on the little grey and yellow Eurostar trains. :)
> The "Dravidian Etymological Dictionary" by Burrow and Emeneau (Oxford 1961) > contains a wealth of vocabulary from a vast number of Drav. languages, and > should be easier to find than the multi-volume LSI.
Thanks again; our Bibliotheque Municipale has a substantial collection of Dravidian books (and some beautiful Sanskrit grammars and dictionaries) so I might find something there. Perhaps I can sneak over to the uni library soon. Thanks again Roger! Cheers, Eamon