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Re: CHAT: Profile of a Conlanger

From:J. Barefoot <lesfraises@...>
Date:Saturday, May 15, 1999, 22:55
>Sorry for the confusion: "gay" here doesn't mean homosexual, but stupid. >It completely left my mind that many follk use "gay" for "homosexual". It >was a common expression in my youth, which was applied to nearly any >person or situation we thought of as stupid. ("Look at that old man >driving that beat up green car -- that's so gay!") I have had not a little >contact with younger kids around here, and this usage has continued. > >Padraic.
I don't mean to offend anyone by pursuing this, but I have a question. This is an old usage? Exactly where are you from? That's a usage here in Alabama too, but a fairly new one, and a semantic shift that I found interesting when I noticed it. Interesting because its shows a direct correlation between the values and prejuices of a culture and the way vocabulary changes. Hmmmm. Jennifer Barefoot _______________________________________________________________ Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit