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Re: CHAT: Profile of a Conlanger

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Date:Friday, May 14, 1999, 14:08
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 14/05/99 12:03:40  , James a =E9crit :

<< Concerning how I came to do conlanging and why:

I was originally inspired by Zamenhof.  I thought if he could create a
language as a young man so could I!  I had from an early age (12yrs) been
interested in natlangs (mostly Russian and French).

[snip]  >>

Maybe Sally should collect these lines again ?

As for me : could not read more than two Tolkien's pages in a row. Never=20
heard of conlanging before 1995 when I discovered y'all on the web. Decided=20
to make my own language in 1978 (12 yo) doing up my bed on a sunny morning.=20
First words made that very day :group, me, eat, speak, have, man, water,=20
sleep, etc. with spontaneous structure : "ak tu" : I (ak) eat (tu) - "tu mu=20
ak" : I eat meat (mu). Still can't fully understand the whys of all that=20
today. Have my own alphabet unchanged since then. Felt this as the link=20
between my passions of then (protohistory, languages and handicraft), and as=20
the indispensable means to satisfactorily express myself. Very satisfied wit=
the progress of my current conlang Tunu. Like to read others' conlangs a lot=20
but my conlangs' grammar was never influenced by any other language, whether=20
nat- or con-.