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Re: CHAT: Profile of a Conlanger

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 12, 1999, 23:39
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>Mia Soderquist wrote: >> I was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and medicated with >> Depakote, but I have since had my diagnosis revised. Now I am merely >> depressed. :) > >Interesting, I'm also have a depressive personality, a family trait, >altho now that I've been treated for it, I'm okay.
Depression in the family here too, suffered from it intensely myself for a while; took some medication; mostly out of it now.
>As for Meyer-Briggs, IIRC, I'm a IN_J (I forget the third letter, the >one that's not F). I would suspect that most of us are I's, since >conlanging seems like a pretty introverted hobby to me, since it's >rarely shared with anyone, and is in essence the invention of imaginary >worlds.
INTP here according to the tests. BTW, I have only done a little bit of conlanging so far, though I've had a lot of fun with it and learned a lot from it. But I didn't come up with it independently -- I was messing around on the web and discovered people's conlanging web pages, and was instantly enthralled with the idea and resolved to try it myself. I'm wondering how many people here started conlanging spontaneously, and how many got the idea from existing conlangers, like me (whether those were conlangers here on the web, or well-known ones like Tolkien and Okrand). Ed -- Ed Heil * "When you get your Ph. D. How happy you will be When you get a job at Wendy's And are honored with 'Employee of the Month.'" -- Bare Naked Ladies, "Never Is Enough"