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Re: OT Re: Genealogy (was: Conlang fluency survey)

Date:Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 0:40
> [] On Behalf Of ROGER MILLS
> In 1911 my great-grandfather (1831-1929) self-published a > family history > that took the Mills line back to a man born in 1744-- > probably from Wales, > but that's uncertain. I've ried to follow his work up, but > with little > success, and haven't done much for several years. GGF's mother
was a
> Westfall (Dutch), and on-line research reveals that that > family has been in > the US since the mid-1600s. And they were a prolific lot, one > branch in NY, > the other (mine) in what is now W.VA. Unfortunately their > favorite names > were Cornelius, Abel and John so it gets a little > confuzzing......But a > totally fascinating study.
I too have a paternal line that leads to WV. My grandfather came from a place called Nutterville. I once drove up there just to see the place, it's little more than a point on a map along a long unpaved road.
> I grew up in South Dakota amongst mostly 2nd/3rd generation > Scandanavians
Where? My Dad was born there, but moved around WW2.


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