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Re: OT Re: Genealogy (was: Conlang fluency survey)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 10:35
>Joseph Fatula wrote: >> The idea that someone's ancestors, back >> three generations, would be almost entirely from the country you live in >> now, seems so odd to me. > >Really? I would imagine it's the norm over most of the world.
>Mark J. Reed
Yeah, I frex have nothing but Finnish ancestry for the last five, maybe six generations. Going further back tho, there are a few Swedish connections around the 17th century, and I kno there's a drop of Belgian blood in there somewhere at my mother's side, probably via some 18th century merchant but it might as well be a Hansa trade leftover too. Likely also some traces of Russian & German via my father's mother's father, who was from Vyborg (an important trade point at the time). But in general, I can trust around 50% of my heritage over the last half a millenia to have come from just three municipalities. (I do have several second cousins in Sweden and third cousins in the US, but their lineages have emigrated there on their own.) ((Actually, my understanding is that us Finns are a somewhat inbred lot, so maybe this is a bit more drastic than the norm... the European norm at least!)) John Vertical