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Re: musical talk? (sally)

From:charles <catty@...>
Date:Sunday, October 25, 1998, 17:22
Baba wrote:

> >Sally Supplied; > >Cool! But what about encoding other kinds of information? I got into > >quagmires because it was just too difficult to turn chords into grammar. > > I didn't think of chords, just intervals of two notes. Syntax and grammar > would have been as in human languages. My idea was a sort of chinese > with 8 tone/pairs the second tone carrying degrees of formality, > intimacy, urgency, etc.
I was just thinking (primitively) about use of tone in natlangs; besides the example of 4-tone Mandarin, I think most langs use it for emphasis, though no standard orthography exists for it. My own conlang is using "pseudo-tones" I'll call "normal2" "emphatic4" and "quotational3", and maybe another for "parenthetical1". These are really just borrowed from English.