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Re: musical talk? (sally)

From:Baba <fikhduv@...>
Date:Sunday, October 25, 1998, 17:40
>>Baba babbled >> Great idiots, er minds, think alike ;-) I'd an idea for a cat-like >> alien who'd dual vocal chords so the 'tonal' languages of that world >> used pitch, as chinese does, to distinguish homophones, while the >> interval carried other info like "formality" fer' instance. ;-) >> >Sally Supplied; >Cool! But what about encoding other kinds of information? I got into >quagmires because it was just too difficult to turn chords into grammar.
I didn't think of chords, just intervals of two notes. Syntax and grammar would have been as in human languages. My idea was a sort of chinese with 8 tone/pairs the second tone carrying degrees of formality, intimacy, urgency, etc. Solresol interests me because one could think of it as an auxlang with only 7 syllables the idea then is that in terms of phonemes there could be a huge degree of sound variation for each syllable without sacrificing intelligibility.. Say syllable one could be any sibilant+vowel; so s,sh,z,zh + a,e,i,o,u; no matter how mixed together would always be recognizable as syllable 1. Thus a Creole/Pidgin made up of such a "code" would be an ideal lingo for communication between a large variety of aliens who's different vocal apparatus precluded them pronouncing things identically. My idea includes the concept that the longest word in the language would be "Hello" because it would be all the notes/syllables in order - thus giving your listener a sample of your pronunciation/accent so that further conversation is possible. The orthographic possibilities are interesting too. A syllabary with more than one way of writing any given syllabic depending if it was used as a word in its own right; a grammatical particle, an initial, medial, or final; would make for ease of reading too. If the shapes were kept simple they'd also be usable as a sign language (for aliens who'd no voice) or "gesture clarifiers" when meaning is in doubt. "markers" to indicate direction of reading, punctuation, and which "base" is in use for numbers, as well as logographic "shorthands/ligatures" for the most frequently used words would also be an advantage. Anyway, its all at the thought-experiment stage just now and I'm kinda busy researching a couple of non-fiction books and trying to find interested publisher(s) Regards Baba