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Weekly Vocab #2.1.4 (repost #1)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, January 19, 2007, 4:01
Last posted: April 21st, 2003

> From: Christopher Wright <faceloran@...> > > A bit late because of Easter, but time is an illusion.[1] > 1. slippery > The table is slippery. > > 2. to spill > I spilled my soy milk[2] on it. > > 3. to vex > This vexes me greatly. > > 4. to curse (a full-blown spell or a swear word, your choice) > I curse the glass that failed me. > > 5. carpet > My fine carpet is ruined. > > 6. sniffle > *sniffle* > > 7. to replace > I cannot replace it. > > 8. heirloom > It is an heirloom from my great-grandmother's neice's daughter's husband. > [Bonus points if you translate the relationship into one word.] > > 9. ghost > His ghost will follow me for all my days. > > 10. bitter > I shall die a bitter, hunted person. [If you are not a person, replace > that word with an appropriate term.] > > ~Wright. > > [1] Lunch time doubly so. > [2] Soy milk is nothing compared to the real thing. Stuff squeezed from > live cows is so appetizing, especially when described thus.
Bonus Vocab from WordNet: This is randomly selected automatically, so in case it offends you or you disagree, please either ignore or be inspired to make up different words and/or phrases: - recombination, n. (physics) a combining of charges or transfer of electrons in a gas that results in the neutralization of ions; important for ions arising from the passage of high-energy particles - honor, v. accept as pay; "we honor checks and drafts" Fiant verba! ---- If you want to post your own weekly vocab, please do not send it to the list directly. To prevent unbalanced amounts of new vocab, send it to <weeklyvocab@...> in order to enqueue it in the regular weekly posting process. Just write a mail as if addressing the list directly -- it will be forwarded as is.