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From:Brian Betty <bbetty@...>
Date:Thursday, February 25, 1999, 15:58
On 2-24-99, Andrew Smith wrote: "It still sounds more like troll to me;
"'Ere, 'oo are yoo?" as in the Hobbit."

On 2-24-99, you wrote: "Trolls in "The Hobbit" - a very different matter.
Until the finsal chapters, "The Hobbit" belongs to a rather different genre
than TLOTR, IMHO."

Hmm. But let's be fair: the Trolls long lost their ability to speak the
Black Speech or its descendants; they quickly adopted the local dialect. It
was my understanding that the hobbit trolls were talking in the local
speechpattern, which was for reasons of 'colour' chosen to sound like
non-BBC English. So that weren't the Black Speech, it were the local colour
(of Bree, wasn't it? I admit I have forgotten!).

I think those are the only trolls which speak in any of the books - we
never hear a conversation with another, do we? I know we have orks, great
orks, and other nasties, but so far as I can tell no other trolls speak ...

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