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CHAT: FINAL QUESTION: your natlangs.

From:Laurie Gerholz <milo@...>
Date:Friday, October 9, 1998, 0:17
Tommie Powell wrote:
> > Yes. Incidentally, I noticed that about half of the respondants to Sally's > survey have been people who work in computer/math fields -- doubtlessly > "logic geeks" (like me) -- and that the other half generally have strong > "artistic" sensibilities. That's a peculiar mix, isn't it?
Hey, I resemble that remark! Computer dweeb by day, artist by night, that's me. Last year we did a cognitive brain mapping of our group at work. This was *not* a personality test, rather it was intended to discover a person's preferred modes of thinking. If one tries to communicate with someone who has a different cognitive preference, and neither of you is aware of the differences, it is extremely easy to garble the communication. Anyway, I ended up with an almost even split between left-brain and right-brain dominance in terms of preferred mode of thinking. Laurie