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Re: CHAT: FINAL QUESTION: your natlangs.

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, October 12, 1998, 8:09
At 18:27 09/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Christophe Grandsire wrote: >> >> At 19:17 08/10/98 -0500, you wrote: >> >> >Last year we did a cognitive brain mapping of our group at work. This >> >was *not* a personality test, rather it was intended to discover a >> >person's preferred modes of thinking. If one tries to communicate with >> >someone who has a different cognitive preference, and neither of you is >> >aware of the differences, it is extremely easy to garble the >> >communication. Anyway, I ended up with an almost even split between >> >left-brain and right-brain dominance in terms of preferred mode of >> >thinking. >> > >> >> Are you left-handed? I heard that left-handed people used more both >> hemispheres of their brain than right-handed ones (who used more their left >> hemisphere -rationality, etc...-). >> > >I'm right-handed now. But my parents like to talk about how I was >showing signs of left-handedness as a toddler. When I began reaching for >things it was with the left hand. But they gently tried to train me into >right-handedness. So I guess I was actually more ambidextrous, as the >training seemed to work and I ended up none the worse for wear. No, >don't worry that my folks were harming me. Mom spent her career, prior >to my birth, as a physical and occupational therapist. I suspect that if >it was clear that I was *determined* to be left-handed, that Mom would >have noticed and stopped fighting nature. > >I have heard that there can be cognitive or developmental problems for >people who are truly, strongly, left-handed and who are forced to become >right-handed. Anyone else know anything about that? >
Luckily, nobody ever tried to force me to be right-handed (happily, I think, as I can hardly make anything with my right hand. I'm so heavily left-handed that when I use my right hand to put something somewhere, I miss the target all the time!). But I know that my father was forced to (but he broke his right arm and his teacher had to let him use his left hand. But now he is right-handed).
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